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TMT 2021

Online Rehearsals of Choirs and Vocal Ensembles at Low Latency

by Detlef Hennings


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, presence rehearsals of choirs and other music ensembles were made very difficult and at times impossible from spring 2020 onwards. With the online solution presented here, regular rehearsal operations of several choirs and vocal ensembles could be maintained even during lockdown periods. For this purpose, the open source and freely available software 'Jamulus' was modified in such a way that a similar listening experience is created under headphones as when singing together in a real room. The paper presents the technical setup and the signal paths of the virtual rehearsal room distributed to different locations. Furthermore, the necessary prerequisites, causes of disturbances, the audio quality that can be achieved under good conditions and the advantages and disadvantages compared to presence rehearsals are discussed.